no diets. no phases. just eating good real whole foods. balanced. nourishing. wise traditions. 

Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with complete abandon or not at all
— Harriet Von Horne

ON FOOD. my number one passion. we strive every day to eat a nourishing diet, mostly paleo. we love to eat whole, organic foods, no grains - occasional soaked basmati rice.  no dairy for me except for my toleration for pastured butter when cooked. we eat fresh (try seasonal) vegetables, pastured (grassfed) organs/meats, eggs and wild seafood. no processed foods - nothing goes into our mouths if the labels have things we cannot pronounce or see in my pantry. on that note, i love to cook, i love to bake. cooking is in my blood. the one thing that i love about parenting is involving them in the kitchen, and instilling the curiosity to always ask and know where our food comes from. i don't like diet fads or gimmicks, "superfoods" - i like to stick to traditional food wisdom. those societies knew the foundation of healthy nourishing nutrition. if there is one thing i had to choose about food to pass on, is that know where your food comes from, and what it is your eating!