veda is one.

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*we are in limbo until next weekend where we will hopefully be settled and unpacked {which I'm not even looking forward to doing which is so unlike me but 2 moves in 6 months has gotten to me}*

so, this birthday post for my youngest who is a sweet one years old is not going to be long until I can muster more energy onto my computer instead of mobile, but I wanted the date stamp that I wrote something on this seriously important day for me because my last baby is not so much a baby anymore! I apologize in advance for layout messiness while mobile.  

i cannot believe she is twelve months old. a lot of emotions. her blissful birth, her loving personality, her never ending smiles and always always finding herself happy and positive at any situation. she's truly been the light to our family and always makes us come together no matter what. 

without going on more and saving the birthday post for when i celebrate her first belated birthday party at our house,  this is what we did when veda turned one on October 7, 2013. I love this girl so much it hurts! 

mama needed a drink - cucumber gin + tonic

glutenfree vegan treats after sushi lunch, veda you didn't want anything to do with it, that's my girl! Hahah it's good but home baked 'paleo' treats are so much better! which she'll have her first taste of soon enough 

your mama taking her constant selfie instagram photos documenting her ootd 

veda, that's what your day looked like when you turned big ol' one.