throwback seattle

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my family + i are moving back to our home in gig harbor in around 3 weeks. i stumbled across these photos from 4 years ago (which is rare since i have yet to go through and find any old photos i have cataloged in my iCloud!) and please i know, the old canon point and shoot quality, but it is nostalgic. my youngest sister, here with her twilight obsession, is now 15!

so it explains a bit of why its been somewhat quiet around here, moving business, and in the next few weeks more business. i also need to go through some wander lust motherhood posts! 
i may start an instagram diaries series per week so that i keep updates. 

be prepared for more north west splendiferous-ness to be a major starring role in my blog in the months to come. 

this driving right here is going to be splendid

me and my mama

mt. rainier in the summer