riding in north carolina

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i've been mia. i'm ready to tell you enough with the, moving/packing/settling/forgive me posts. but not yet unfortunately.  it will be all over soon though.  then i can nest and settle, do blog house tours, DIY project posts, food posts, exploring posts. today was a good day. we need to make sure we find this for my girl when we get back home to the PNW. happy hump day!

my daughter is all about trotting lately, without warming this sweet pony up first. kids!

no doubt she loves horses like her sis

we love this family and coming here twice a week while my oldest gets lessons. 

plenty of things for my baby and I to do when she rides. Eat grass, see the goats, chickens, cow and pigs, dogs. Talk to the the horses, and to some of the wild mustangs they are training. I love coming here because it reminds me of being around my uncles, who almost all 9 of them on my moms side are jockeys. And i grew up around that smell of saddles, hay, all things to do with horses, having them ride up in the mornings while they train and hoist me up for a ride. 

Although I don't ride at all anymore and have lost my ability to understand all that comes along with most of it, my familiarity comes back quick especially these last few months. 

the connection that comes from growing  around horses is comforting and I'm re learning alot as I watch my daughter light up everytime she gets on her pony, what treat she brings her every time she comes, and how "angel" is all she talks about during the week when she's not dancing. 

 We have family in Washington that are serious horse lovers as well, so she can experience new things with them and grow - really exciting. 

I'm glad she is finding passion, for now she enjoys this so much it warms my heart.