practice birthday cake (grain free + refined sugar free)

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my youngest is turning one next month. and between NOW and 3.5 weeks from now is packing up and moving and flying and then moving into our house and then her birthday. i'm already emotional that this girl is turning one. cannot. believe. it. so i've been practicing for her birthday cake. of course its paleo. of course its grain and refined sugar free! it turned out ok. working with coconut flour is tricky. i mean its a good cake don't get me wrong, its just missing something. perhaps its too chocolatey for me. i have cacao nibs swirled in cacao cake with cacao buttercream. i also have to make this cake look like a panda, so for a practice flavor cake, i just frosted it simply and we ended up all eating half of it, devoured. i'm not going to post a recipe until much later! but it uses only 1 cup of coconut flour for the 2 cakes, and a whole lot of ghee.

i'm not sure i was smart about digging into cake after bath time and before bed

coconut milk fat whipped with cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup is the layer filling

just for fun, here is my oldest's birthday cake from when she was one. she was in love with cows, and i made a maple bacon cake with maple buttercream frosting, gluten free not grain free though (soaked quinoa as part of the batter), refined sugar (maple syrup obviously) and dairy free. 

the kids grow so fast.