moving + fall

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this feels like the perfect time to settle in and cozy up on the couch with all the windows open smelling that fall air that i haven't smelled in 3 years, but right now we are moving. its the last time! the last time for at least 5 years, she says! he agrees too. the kids need the ability to call a place home longer than 2 years. day one of packing is almost 60% done. what's nice about military moves is we don't have to physically pack all our things, but it required a lot of other types of packing and coordination that i grudgingly have become very skilled at. i'm used to the single woman traveling packing up.

packing a home with 2 toddlers is quiet a feat i don't wish upon anyone. i must say in my almost 30 years of life, i have only lived a total of 4 years in a place with seasons that aren't considered tropics. i'm a little bit nervous for the whole settling in a place with seasons, and also hey, its seattle, that weather is big blanket of gray most times. when will the novelty end and i scream, let the sun OUT. i foresee many trips back to hawaii and asia. of all the places in the US that i would go to for swimming and floundering around the beach, hawaii would be it. and lucky for us, its only a short 5 hour flight from washington.

i'm looking forward to slowly fixing every corner of our home in ways that only we can leave our mark after it been rented out all this time. i'm looking forward to making traditions and having friends that are in the same state as me. i'm looking forward to amaia and veda experiencing friends and adventures, and planning out a belated first birthday celebration in the very home my first daughter celebrated her first.

my kid is napping, the packers are packing, a toddler is playing, and i'm preventing an anxiety attack by blogging. all that's missing is my husband driving home from work with chipotle for us all! all to make me feel less of a procrastinator on taking care of this blog!