what we're reading this week

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little bear's valentine ~ maurice sendak
zen shorts ~ john. j muth
me... Jane ~ patrick mcdonell

so i'm not the only one who loves little bear, the cartoon is about the only one that is calm, peaceful - a soundtrack with sweet characters, in comparison to those loud obnoxious ones that my child is not interested in, thank goodness. zen shorts is lovely, i think a bit over her head with how long some of the stories are.... the one story that resonated for me the most was about carrying feelings of anger and bitterness, something i could definitely learn from, and how many of the stories about our feelings and emotions were so eloquently weaved in stories that would really strikes with young children.
me...jane is about jane goodall as a girl, and this girl reminds me of amaia. i wonder if one day she'll be living out in the jungle trekking for things hidden or living with animals. sounds so much like her...

what are you reading this week?


what' we're reading... is a weekly series on different books that i read with my toddler. you can find some past posts here