things you can do with your instagram photos

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now how cute is this? 

any guesses? its a mini printer? a mini polaroid? wrong and wrong! it's a mini projector!

do you guys remember when you were a kid and you had that little view master
 (70s/80s where my peeps?)

for those of you that don't know what the heck i'm talking about,  BEHOLD!

i mean, back then this was the bees knees. how cool was the kid that brought this to school? i wasn't by the way...

projecteo has come up with this cute little projector, with removal slides of 8 images (from your instagrams) on this itty bitty thing, batteries included and a projector all in one. put it all together, insert batteries, slide, and flip the cute little red button to turn the light on. simply flip with your hand through the slides. the viewer has a manual focus - and you can use this thing on your iphone as a cool lens! 

cute right!

my girl amaia, in the rice fields chilling with a cow in bali

showing her sister one of her favorite photos, her 3rd blues clues birthday cake
yeah, it works on my foot too. 
somehow, sausage is always happening with my baby

check out projecteo in this cool video and also access it from your mobile phone here to get started in creating awesome slides of your instagram photos. making your slides is user-friendly my kids have played with this for days. its a fun toy, i think even fun to carry in your purse, and whip it out at parties, turn lights out and show them a couple slides. even better, a great birthday or holiday gift for your parents with your kids on these reels so they can show off to their friends your cute babies. 

now quick - how many times did i use cute in this post ;)


full disclosure, as i always like to do with my readers - i received this courtesy of projecteo, but this review is personal and not a paid advertisement. 

images are matahari pages, vintage slide images from get addicted to, and tumblr