online pickins'

by Tania Z.

i did a manic monday post a while back and was meaning to start a weekly round up of things that i read online. and seriously, i am a bookworm, you'll find pictures of me as a kid with a book in hand, so naturally with the web, i've gravitated to reading articles, it runs the gamut, from a camera lens, little round eco huts to fantasize living in somewhere off the grid, to politics, parenting and maternal health.

so - let me be the first to caveat that these online pickin's of my reads is of course random, and reflect the things that i find to be interesting (not always my opinion on things) cool, fascinating (i said that already) and dope. i said that too.

here we go, online pickin's 1.0

dairy free brigadiero (photo from living healthy)
first off, you need to get off your bum and make these delectables - as soon as i'm done with my 21 day sugar detox (which is THIS SUNDAY ya'll!) its the first thing i make. "sugar as in, being able to use honey and coconut palm and maple syrup again and eating more rice rice rice!" i am a little excited. but my body has felt amazing, and so does my skin.

obama reflecting on our 'great unfinished business'...

and how they make freakdough (the best is the woman's voice)

sigh, madewell's fall collection


Three Lingering Questions About The Syria War Plan

if i ate gluten this would be the FIRST DAMN THING i put in my mouth. damn you cronuts, damn you.