on legacy wraps

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veda's legacy wrap, a wrap that you're supposed to keep and be THE wrap for baby, or a wrap you use the most, one that was released during your baby's birth month - whatever the legacy is...
i chose this limited edition rainbow, colors of the chakras for my sweet veda and converted it to a mei tai.

it is perfect for her. her name, hawaii and the rocking birth, it embodied so many things for her & i. but i made some crazy decision to sell it.  i don't think you're supposed to give up your legacy. haha, that sounds so ridiculous. but i like the thought of some new born baby born this fall all snuggled up in this bright little mei tai.  i love this soft squishy thing, and we haven't used it much in north carolina because it's been SO hot. with this nice tease of fall weather mornings, i've been using it on walks and really enjoying it so much that i'm not sure i can part ways with it anymore. she's also getting so big that i miss her sleep young baby days where i'd have her wrapped snuggly on me all day while we go throughout the day together, cooking, laundry, baking... playing farm animals with her older sister while she nursed to sleep in it. oh baby, slow down. i can't believe she's almost 1 in october (!)

these pictures are from our walk this morning, i wanted some more pics to freeze the moments of us with this wrap in case it is gone in a week or so.

we are both SO SICK, haven't had much sleep the past two days, but the sunshine and clean air made us feel refreshed for a bit. time for a nap with my baby. hope your week is nice and cozy too ;)


i can feel upbeat seconds before a sneeze!

yes, me. feeling bleh with this head cold. fall is that you knocking on my sinuses?

this custom made conversion wrap is made by Anaira Creations