downtown raleigh

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there's a lovely cold front in north carolina. i don't care what it is about, if its permanent and fall is coming early (hah i wish!)  i like it. i am welcoming with open arms and soft cardigans the smell of wood fire burning, 67 degree weather and low humidity, with breezes and cloudy skies. running outside the past 2 days has been splendiferous.  it may have thwarted any plans to go to myrtle beach this weekend, but of course i am never out of ideas to explore. plus we have a membership to an amazing kids museum in raleigh so, off we go!

i love many things, so here i am about to say i love downtown raleigh. i like that i never have to deal with traffic coming here, and the buildings aren't so high, its not sardine packed of people, and parking is plentiful. i also love that there is so much local business, each shop, each place to eat is it's own unique experience. i love the antique shops, and the thrift stores, and the kitschy types and the kids stores of carefully selected finds. people care about what their selling, and the food, north carolina is really good about eating seasonally and locally. i found an awesome korean place, kimbap which is a mainly gluten free menu, with attention to detail of korean flavors, using local seasonal sustainable north carolina produce, from farmers that they know. i mean, can't more restaurants be this way?!  
we ventured on to escazu, of amazing artisan chocolates. i'm on a 21 day sugar detox (i'm doing a self modified version - since we already eat paleo and WAPF, what i'm counting out is our natural sweeteners like maple syrup, coconut palm, and MOST honey, and most of my fruits), and so i was able to drink some xochiaya, while my daughter and husband tried hand crafted mini chocolates - dairy free, raw cacao, and spices or fruit inspired fillings. the chocolates are small and perfect - raw cacao goes far to satisfy. i love that they use raw local honey for a lot of their products, and no dairy is required in their desserts. this is definitely a great dessert place for my family and i, with our dietary preferences in mind.  oh raleigh, we are so thankful you are close by!

xochiya (cho-qui-a-ya) pre-columbian ceremonial beverage, DAIRY FREE and made with water! a hot chocolate lightly sweetened with local honey, black pepper, spices, guajillo chile & jasmine. total party in my mouth. perfect paleo drink in my mind. take that hot chocolate. this is my amazing new fave drink.

nut butters lightly toasted with sea salt, laced with raw local honey and raw cacao nibs from escazu swirled in. i do believe this is heaven on earth. i cannot wait to try this, GF/CF paleo-ish treat.

her house below is gorgeous i mean the whole row of homes here is beyond

can you imagine if you were a kid and lived here. you would either be creeped the F out or just the coolest kid in school. either way, this place is mind blowing. again, why do we build cookie cutter homes. just like everything else, this use to be a talent. homes, buildings - architecture. if only i could quantum leap as a profession. 

waiting on an almond milk earl grey latte swirled with honey ( a smidge!)

amaia took this of me!

star lights that remind me of bali

raleigh times gosh your yellowness is lovely

butterfly fly fly away