port townsend + how longing for the rest of the olympic peninsula begins there

by Tania Zimmer in ,

olympic peninsula, is thankfully so close by to kitsap peninsula which is where we currently reside. 

port townsend is 1.5 hours away, and the beaches i have found there, have rivaled many i've seen in the PNW, of course no jutting boulders that you'd see in the oregon and washington coasts but still, clear blue water, not cluttered with tourists (yet, maybe?) and i almost thought i could jump in. 

if you go here, you need to check out the amazing victorians in uptown historic district. houses so beautiful, people so friendly, everyone's walking or biking. very similar to our small quaint gig harbor. so then you need to head to the food coop if you haven't packed a picnic - basically a mini whole foods pretty legit, and either go back up to chetzemoka park (really great for the kids) or straight to fort worden state park. i absolutely loved this park. it was across between a pnw vibe marine base kaneohe and typical WA state parks. its not a functioning army installation anymore, but you can stay and rent cabins/house or camp/rv. many trails, and also there is a marine science center, and not to forget the sprawling beaches, walking trails and nooks of picnic areas. on a sunny day, i would think i was transported thousana of miles away, and not just a mere 1.5 hours away from my house. 

my oldest was really at home on the beach. 'Sanddddddd!' she declares. it was worth the drive just so she could play on the beach again, collecting things, running by the water, drawing with sticks. finding dead marine life ;) poor Veda - and me! Running to the freezing cold water and not being able to go in crap sweetheart, even i could see the confusion in her eyes. this is my sweet baby who fell asleep in my arms, facing out, looking into lanikai. she slept all the way home as I walked back to our lanai and sat on our rocking chair, waking up an hour later with dried salt all between us. everyone  needs a place to restore. fortunate to have had today.  

^ back home in the early afternoon , just in time to check out the rosemary flowers blooming in our yard.

get out there, your kids will love you. and you will love yourself.