to be here is so much
— rilke


aloha, my name is tania. i am a mama of two, currently nestled in the puget sound of the pacific northwest,  i am a third culture kid and so yes, ' the world is my home and my unknown' all at once. i am an storyteller, explorer, a thinker - i've come to a lot of conclusions about myself, my people, and my world, but constantly changing how i define myself. i guess that is always going to be evolving; i owe my constant paradigm shifts and evolving perspective to fortunate experiences of family, friends, strangers, places, cultures and vastly different social stratas. settling down thus far means staying somewhere for four years, maybe?? i want more stability and to grow roots, knowing that is really ideal for my kids, but I'm looking to find a way for free flowing roots and how that can be a reality. i love what this world has to and can offer if we let it.

i am lover of art, film, fashion, photography, interior design, cooking, traveling, eating, politics, social justice, anti oppressive work, birth, prenatal and postpartum care, supporting women and children achieve whatever it is they want, their choice, their hopes. that is not in order.

i'm wildly optimistic despite my known cynicism, and i am a student and a teacher of many things. i am a birth worker, social worker, yogi and visual artist which transcends into everything that i do. 

let's get carried away,




please contact me here: mataharimood (at) iCloud (dot) com or via the contact tab, i would love to hear from you.